Monday, February 28, 2011


Saturday I did my longest hike yet, 13 miles and 1,800' elevation! I not going to lie, it was tough but I hope to look back on this post one day and laugh that I thought this was hard! 

Amazingly though, I wasn't very sore the next day. This is week 8 of hiking for me and each week my body is less sore than the previous week. I feel my legs getting stronger with each hike! I'm hiking to get in shape but I must admit the scenery is amazing!

This post is all about the waterfalls we came across at Sierra Azul Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Preserve.
We had record low temps the night before our hike and we expected to have snow on this hike but we were really surprised when we got there and there wasn't any...except for traces from a previous storm earlier in the week.

 The water was running though....

Waterfall, after waterfall...

 It is so tranquil to hear the water running as you turn a bend in the trail!

Tomorrow, I'll share some more of this hike with you!


  1. Beautiful shots. That would be so enjoyable! I'm a follower cause I like nature and pictures of it - a lot! Blessings, Pamela

  2. first of all..I love your blog here! the photos are stunning..and the background is just perfect! nicely done!

    I used to pack a snack pack and sketching pack and go out walking with my dog...when I needed to rest up a bit..I'd find a fallen log..pull out the treats..and then settle into a few minutes of nature plants...anything!
    Lately I've only been hitting the pavement...sidewalks are not as interesting or anywhere near as challenging to walk on...but come spring and summer....I'll get back into it!

    I think it's terrific that you started this blog..and I'm your fourth happy follower!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  3. Sure why not follow you on your hiking journey...seeing I am not getting enough exercise myself. Looks awesome Cindy!

  4. OMyGosh..I love your new blog and the pictures are beautiful. We live in Mass, so we wont be hiking until all this snow is gone..I envy you being able to be out in the fresh air any time you want! I started hiking last season but it was in the fall and once it was too cold, I stopped. So, my sister and I walk inside to Leslie Sansome tapes..keeps us fit and ready for hiking..

  5. The waterfalls are LOVELY Cindy!
    Where is this?
    13 miles!
    Good for YOU!
    How long did it take?
    Looking forward to following your adventures!
    Bainbridge Island

  6. Cindy, What you're doing is admirable. You've decided to get in shape and at the same time, you're enjoying the beautiful area where you live. You're on the right track girl!!! Hugs..Sue

  7. This is awesome Cindy! That's such a great hobby, good for your body and amazing for your spirit too!

  8. I am proud of you for doing something new and adventurous! I will be going along and enjoying the scenery Cindy, it looks beautiful out there. And Ladybugs are good luck...

  9. 13 miles is an impressive hike! The waterfalls are so beautiful, I can almost imagine the soothing sound they make as you wind your way up the trail. Happy hiking! Great new blog Cindy. ~Lili

  10. Looking forward to more beautiful pictures of your outdoor adventures!

  11. Hiking is a beautiful endeavor. It is so rewarding and just look at the benefits you recieve. Keep it up and I love your pictures. Wish I could be with you on these hikes.

  12. How wonderful to be able to hike! Beautiful pics. I will hike with you via your blog.

  13. I did not peg you as the hiking type. You and your surrounding look so feminine. I pictured you knitting and drinking tea. So much for first impression. This is a lovely format you have chosen for this blog

  14. That's a nice hike Cindy! I love the waterfalls! So are you going to have a Hiking linky Party anytime soon? That would be fun!
    Take care there

  15. Hola -cindy :

    Te felicito, es muy bueno las caminatas, yo tambien camino , estoy entrenando para subir el cerro Chiripo aqui en mi pais, te invito a que lo visites

    Pura Vida